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This course is a best seller at Green Farm. We start the day at 8:30 am with a home cooked full english breakfast, giving you the opportunity to sample some of Green Farm's bacon and sausages (and quite often eggs from our own chickens!). We'll start with an introductory chat before moving on to the butchery of the main carcass. We will discuss the options available for each part of the carcass whilst also discussing the relation of various parts of other animals to help gain an overall idea of general butchery anatomy. This is a 'Hands-on' course and you will do most of the Butchery yourself. 

We stop for coffee mid-morning before heading back in to the cutting room for an in-depth look at the more intricate areas of the butchery process. 

Lunch is a home cooked two course meal followed by the smoking and curing part of the course. 

We finish the day with sausage making before packing you up with generous amounts of pork, bacon and sausages to take home and enjoy! (Don't forget to bring a cool box!).

This course runs for approximately 8 hours.

(From 18 Years and over)



This brilliant course will show you skills that involve Deer, Pheasant, Mallard, Partridge etc… (please note the type of animal could change due to availability). This is a great day starting at 8.30am with a home made full english breakfast and a two course home made lunch to follow. You will learn the art of de-boning and filleting a bird, skinning and preparing joints from a Deer and much more… This is a 'Hands on' course and you will be expected to do most of the butchery yourself. We finish the day approx 4.30pm to 5pm.

(From 18 years and over)


Our sausage course is a very popular course, usually held in the morning. We start at 9am with a sausage tasting session. Tasting a variety of different flavours will help you decide what flavours you would like to make when we go through to the mixing session. You could go for something traditional or a flavour of your own creation!  This is a hands-on course!  You will learn how to skilfully fill your sausages into skins and link them together before packing them up ready for you to take away and enjoy at home!

This very hands-on course is a lot of fun and is enjoyed by individuals and groups and is a perfect gift!

The course runs for approximately 3 hours.

( From 18 years and over)



Lamb is an increasingly popular course at Green Farm. This course is normally run as a half day course.
The day begins, as most of our courses do, at 8.30am with a home cooked full english breakfast and an introduction to the Lamb carcass. The course is very much 'Hands on' and you will be doing most of the Butchery yourself. 

We cover a full range of butchery options for the carcass and you will be taken through the various techniques to reduce the carcass into recognisable cuts and joints. This course can be further enhanced by production of lamb burgers if requested (please contact us for details). As with all our courses, you will leave with a generous amount of the meat that you have butchered.

This course runs for approximately 3-4 hours.

(From 18 years and over)


Our Beef course is run as a full day course due to the size of the animal.
We believe that the hindquarter is the best part of the animal to butcher as this provides popular cuts of meat such as topside, silverside, rump, sirloin and fillet steaks, shin, skirt and lots of mince meat. At the abattoir a beef carcass is cut into two fore quarters and two hind quarters. We focus our course onto the hind
quarter of the carcass so that we can fit as much as we can into one day. This is a hands on course and you will contribute to most of the butchering of the animal.
As with the majority of our other courses, the day begins at 8.30am with a home cooked full english breakfast that includes meat from Green Farm. You will stop for a mid-morning coffee and a two course home cooked meal at lunchtime. Make sure you have space in the car for the meat that we will give you to take home! We normally finish about 4.30pm to 5pm.

(From 18 years and over)

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